There are three distinct programs here at ATA Royersford, each designed for a specific age group.
The Tiny Tigers program is for children ages 4-6 that offers a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as focus, self-control and confidence.
The Karate for Kids program is purposed for children ages 7-13. Its an extremely fun and physically demanding program that revolves around principles of courtesy, respect, self-discipline, and bullying prevention. 
Our Teens & Adults program is for everyone 14 and older.  You will learn technique and advance self-defense, along with keeping (or getting) your body in shape through strength and conditioning exercises. 
ATA Royersford also offers the Xtreme Martial Arts (XMA) program, which is a combination of many martial arts styles that also blends 
acrobatics and gymnastics. The goal of ATA XMA is to take the skills our students have and take them to the next or “Xtreme” level and helps challenge the students to become better than they ever thought possible.
Coming this January is a new After School program for children 5 and older.  The program includes a half-hour  martial arts class and uniform, as well as time for homework and a snack.  Transportation from most schools is also provided!
Belt Promotions
Every 8-10 weeks, our students are held to ATA's nationally recognized standards to earn a belt promotion.  This is where students are rewarded for their hard work in completing prerequisites such as 
demonstration of forms, self-defense, sparring drills and board breaking. Then, they get a special event to demonstrate it to their friends and family!
Special Events
We take being family-oriented very seriously, so we offer a lot of special events that the whole family can participate in. Our most popular annual events include Trunk or Treat, Bowling Night, Community Day & Open House, Holiday Party, Reading Phillies Game, and the annual school picnic.
The ATA has exclusive tournaments:  inter-school, regional, national and on the world stage.  With 1,500 schools and 350,000 members worldwide, tournaments give our students the opportunity to challenge themselves and compete against other martial artist peers across the world!  See when and where the next ATA tournament is.
We offer one special seminar every testing cycle and they are extremely popular. Topics range from weapons training, board breaking, advanced self-defense, ground fighting, joint manipulation and more.
Our Curriculum
All classes incorporate the following activities:
The focus is on an attribute-based curriculum.  This means, we focus more on individual techniques and combinations, rather than memorization.  All of the techniques are performed on targets to simulate real-life situations.
We teach self defense to help students know what to do in a close-range confrontation. We teach the steps from when someone is engaging, to how to distract, and break-away techniques. Students also learn to use, if necessary, counter strikes and submission positions.
Karate for Kids and Teen & Adult students also learn:
We teach our students to understand a real-life encounter of self defense in a safe, controlled atmosphere.  Students learn offensive and defensive skills to combat a hostile situation.
We use weapons as an extension of one's own body.  They help with hand-eye coordination, timing, rhythm, and hand manipulation.  We also teach combat strikes, blocks, and really cool techniques and tricks!  Weapons also help keep the students motivated and challenged.
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