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​Master Scott Magdycz
Beginning his martial arts training in 1988, Master M earned his 6th-degree black belt in June 2017, and was awarded his Master-ship in July 2018. He's achieved many personal and professional milestones in his Martial Arts career. After managing an ATA school in Delaware for over 15 years,  he pursued his dream of school ownership and opened ATA Martial Arts of Royersford in February 2010.   He has instructed thousands of students,  earned certifications  for instruction and tournament judging, and earned Delaware State Champion titles on multiple occasions in forms, weapons, and sparring.  He has his BS in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Delaware.
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Mark Sullens

Mr. Sullens began his taekwondo training in 2013. His role at ATA Martial Arts includes being a Lead Instructor in our Advanced Group, and he is the Director of Student Relations.  He is now a Third Degree black belt, certified instructor and Level 2 Judge.  He also holds his Level 2 Instructor Certification for Warrior Kick Boxing and Warrior Krav Maga.  Mr. Sullens enjoys helping his students achieve their goals. Playing a role in each student’s taekwondo journey, where he is  able to teach, motivate and encourage them along the way is rewarding and, he believes, helps him become a better instructor. 

Evan Riordan
Mr. Riordan started his  Taekwondo journey in January of 2012, and his now a 3rd Degree Black Belt and certified  Level 2 instructor. He also holds his weapons certification in the Jahng Bong and Ssahng Nats. Mr. Riordan is a crowd favorite and loves being able to make students smile and learn Taekwondo at the same time!
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Taylor Lauridsen

Ms. Lauridsen started Taekwondo at ATA Martial Arts in 2015.  She currently holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt and a certified Level 1 Instructor.   Ms. Lauridsen currently teaches our Advanced Group and loves helping others grow as martial artists and become more confident in and out of class.  Her students enjoy her classes because she is consistently positive and encouraging, always smiling  and is a  skilled martial artist!  She enjoys continuing her training because she can make new friends and challenge herself. 

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Mike Benton
Starting in 1979, and practicing for over 40 years, Mr. Benton is our longest and most tenured Martial Artist!  He holds his 4th Degree Black Belt and is a Certified Level 3 Instructor. He's also a 2-time State Champ and a District Champ.  Mr. Benton enjoys teaching our  Black  Belt students by helping them learn and grow in the Art and perfect their technique. Although he's been training for a while, he still learns new things for judging and teaching levels. He  also  enjoys being able to train and compete at tournaments with his daughter Emily !
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Masa Mitsuzuka
Mr. Masa received his 2nd-degree black from ATA Martial Arts 2015. He studied other martial arts from other schools and achieved three different first degree black belts. Mr. Masa specializes in extreme martial arts which incorporates gymnastics and martial arts together. In addition to his training, he holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology  and a Masters Degree in Social Work from  West Chester University.