​Master Scott Magdycz
Beginning his martial arts training in 1988, Mr. M earned his 6th-degree black belt in June 2017, and awarded his Master-ship in July 2018. He's achieved many personal and professional milestones in his 29 year career, including having instructed thousands of students, earned certifications for instruction and tournament judging, Delaware State Champion titles on multiple occasions in forms, weapons, and sparring. He has his BS in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Delaware.
Rebecca Young
Ms. Young has been an ATA member since 2005 and the PA State Champion in 2012 in forms, sparring and weapons, 2014's State Champion in forms, traditional and combat sparring and weapons, and 2014's Northeast District Champion in forms, weapons and combat sparring.She holds a 4th-degree black belt and is a certified instructor. 
Rich Canterbury
Mr. Canterbury has been training with ATA for the past ten years.  He currently holds a 4th-degree black belt, and is a Level-2 certified instructor.  He won the 2012 PA State Championship in sparring.  In addition to his own training, Mr. Canterbury excels at mentoring students as an instructor in the school's Legacy classes and weapons training. 
Mike Benton

Mr. Benton achieved his 4th-degree black belt in March 2017.  He has been a certified ATA instructor since February 2010.  Mike originally joined the ATA in 1981, earned his 2nd-degree black belt, then took an extended break, returning in 2007, starting over as  a white belt. His daughter, 24-year-old Emily, has earned several World-Competitor rankings in the Special Abilities division. She currently holds a 2nd-degree black belt. 

Lisa Hughes
An ATA member since 2003, Ms. Lisa Hughes currently holds a 3rd-degree black belt.  She is a Specialty Certified Instructor.  Ms. Hughes is the 2006 DE State Champion in forms and sparring.  After a break, she returned with her two sons. RJ is 10 years old and a first degree black belt.  Shane is 9 years old and is a first degree black belt recommended.
Masa Mitsuzuka
Mr. Masa received his 2nd-degree black from from ATA martial Arts 2015. He studied other martial arts from other schools and achieved three different first degree black belts. Mr Masa specializes in extreme martial arts which incorporates gymnastics and martial arts together. In addition to his training he holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology  and is currently working on his Masters degree in Social Work at  West Chester University.

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