Martial Arts Kids (MAK)

Ages 7-13
Parents enroll their children in ATA’s programs for different reasons, but with one common goal: to help their children grow and mature to the best of their abilities.
ATA Martial Arts philosophies benefit our students on and off the mat.  There is an increased sense of responsibility and a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks. Students also have a high sense of self-esteem. This is why millions of parents are using martial arts to supplement their children’s formal education. The focus is to interact with positive role models, teamwork and self-motivation. 
Our high-energy program promotes fitness, coordination, strength-conditioning, speed, flexibility and POWER. Close-range self-defense instruction is key at this level. Our instructors emphasize self-discipline, confidence, respect, courtesy and perseverance. 


Bullies beware! ATA teaches children how to manage these situations in a safe manner. From fitness and self-defense to confidence and discipline, ATA Martial Arts classes will Unleash The Power of your ATA Martial Arts Kid!

Choose to Learn. Learn to Lead.