Lisa Hughes

Miss Hughes has been an ATA member since 2003 and currently holds a 3rd-degree black belt.  She is a Specialty Certified Instructor. Miss Hughes won the 2006 Delaware State Championship in forms and sparring.
Miss Hughes got her start in taekwondo training by taking kickboxing classes with some friends.  She was able to meet the instructors at the ATA school and see how the classes were conducted.  "I was impressed by the skill of both the instructors and the students and the genuine passion they possessed.  I saw everything I wanted in a program, a great mix of physical conditioning and training with discipline and respect."  Within a few months, she was invited to leadership classes, and within a year, she was assisting the instructors in classes.
Miss Hughes has two sons, also involved in ATA training. Ryan is ten years old and Shane is nine years old.  Ryan holds a first degree black belt and Shane is a first degree black belt recommended.
One of the greatest benefits Miss Hughes has seen over the years is her gain in confidence.  "The confidence I have from answering up, in demonstrating forms, during testing and tournaments, in helping other students, in meeting personal goals, has been pervasive in and critical to both my personal and professional successes," she says.  "Training in taekwondo has also helped me to be goal-oriented, setting short and long term goals that apply not just to my training but also my career."
What seperates the ATA from other every other martial arts program?  "The people!  Those that you train with, the families of fellow students (children and adults), those that you meet during camps, certification classes and tournaments become an extension of your family.  Your classmates, all the ATA families, and your instructors guide you as you learn, assist you as you struggle, and celebrate your victories with you.  I have met life long friends through the ATA." 

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