February 2, 2016

Tiny Tigers, Karate for Kids, and Adults can now earn stars for good behavior, good grades, weekly and monthly check-off sheets, tournament participation, and performance awards.


BLUE – 10 Paper Stars or completing the Good Habits Sheet.

SILVER – Special Performance Awards.


RED – Tournament participation.

GOLD – Straight A’s or an improved report card over the last quarter. 

Earning Stars is Fun and Rewarding! Fill up the Star Cards with Stars and Receive the Next Star Card. Keep in mind that “Ev...

February 2, 2016

The most important leadership skill we can learn and teach is how to properly set goals with plans to achieve them.  It is important for our students to know that:


*We must work to achieve our goals, otherwise they are simply wishes.


*Every goal needs a starting point, an ending point, and a schedule.


*Big, long term goals should be broken down into smaller intermediate goals.


*Every goal must be written down to maintain our focus.


Every goal needs to contain five things:


S – Specific – The goal...

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