Rebecca Young

ATA Royersford, It’s a Family Thing!  Her son Cooper has been training with ATA since he was 4 years old and at age 15 now holds his 3rd Degree Black Belt. Her daughter Emma began training with ATA when she was 6 years old and now at age 13. Emma is the 2015 Northeast District Champion in Traditional forms, Traditional Sparring and Combat Sparring as well as recently obtaining her 2nd Degree Black Belt.  To say she is a proud mother would be an understatement.  She is proud of the people they have become and believes their ATA family and training are to thank in part for that.  Rebecca tells others that her children have grown up learning respect, honor, integrity, confidence, perseverance, amongst others, and thru their training have had the opportunity to practice and reinforce those life skills.  They have learned that anything worth having is worth working hard for!   ATA Royersford is so much more than just a place to train … it is a Family! 
Ms. Young has been an ATA member since 2005 and the PA State Championship in 2012 in forms, sparring and weapons, 2014's State Champion in forms, traditional and combat sparring and weapons, and 2014's Northeast District Champion in forms, weapons and combat sparring.
She holds a 4th-degree black belt and is a certified instructor.  

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