Terms & Conditions

I wish to hereby register myself and/or the named minor(s), of whom I am the parent and/or legal guardian, to participate in ATA training, a tournament, summer camp, birthday party, Hyperfit, other program and/or related activity (hereinafter referred to as “ATA activity”). I understand that by registering for this ATA activity that I am subjecting myself and/or the  named minor(s) to possible injury as I am voluntarily engaging and/or permitting the named minor(s) to engage in physical activity and a contact sport. Before registering, I was given an opportunity to ask any questions that I may have had relating to any danger or harm that I and/or the named minor(s) could be exposed to, and I have either asked those questions or chosen not to ask.

By enrolling in this ATA activity, I understand that it is my responsibility to learn and understand all safety procedures and rules related to involvement in the ATA Taekwondo Program and ATA activities. 

As part of the agreement in allowing me and/or the named minor(s) to participate in any ATA activity, I agree that the American Taekwondo Association (including its officers, agents, employees, event organizers, instructors, school owners, and any other students hereinafter referred to as “affiliates”) will not be held responsible for my safety and/or the safety of the named minor(s), nor do any of these parties assume any responsibility as a guardian or a fiduciary. This specifically means that no one else listed in this paragraph or associated with the ATA will be held liable for injury, death or any other damages caused to me and/or the named minor(s), my/their family, descendants, heirs or anyone assuming any rights on my/their behalf, and I specifically waive any claim that I and/or the named minor(s) may have against such persons or individuals.

As further consideration and as a basis for allowing me and/or the named minor(s) to participate in any ATA activity, I agree to assume any and all risk of harm, and I specifically agree to release the ATA and its affiliates as it relates to any damage, harm or injury that I and/or the named minor(s) may suffer, even if the event causing damage, harm or injury was foreseeable or if such damage, harm or injury was created by a negligent act of the parties I am releasing (this release will not apply to any intentional act). This agreement to hold harmless shall apply to any claim by me, the named minor(s) and/or my/their family, including my/their estate, heirs or any personal representatives in the event of my/their death for any damage, injury, or harm that should occur by my/their participation in any ATA activity as outlined above.  

I am aware that these classes will be recorded. I give the irrevocable right for the use of my name and/or the named minor(s) and any photographs or video for reproduction in any print or electronic medium for the purpose of training, advertising, display, or editorial use, including the promotion of the school. This release applies to all participants or persons who are present during and/or appear on screen and/or can be heard on screen during any and all Zoom classes.

I state that I am of legal age (at least 18 years of age) and that no court has declared that I cannot sign such documents. I understand that this is a binding agreement and confirm that I have read this agreement and understand what it means. I represent that I am and/or the named minor(s) is/are in good health and that I assume responsibility for my/their continued physical condition and capability to participate in the ATA Taekwondo training and all related ATA activities.

I do hereby agree to the terms set forth above for myself and/or on behalf of the minor(s) named herein. Because I have agreed to the terms set forth above, I agree to indemnify and save harmless the ATA and its affiliates for any harm caused to myself and/or the named minor(s) should they later bring action against any of the parties. I understand that I have agreed to pay any costs relating to claim against the above named persons (including legal fees to defend such action) and to pay claim or cause of action that I may personally have and/or have as the parent and/or legal guardian of any named minor(s) in the event of any harm, injury or damage. I personally waive (give up) any claim or cause of action that I may have as the parent and/or legal guardian of any named minor(s) in the event of any harm, injury, or damage.


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